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Children's Literature - Mini CoP

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

Children's Literature and Libraries: Community of Practice (North-East and Eastern India)

This platform or forum is meant to be an effort towards a mini-Community of Practice among organisations working in the domain of children's literature and libraries for children in the North-East and Eastern India. The forum is a voluntary one hosted under Wipro Foundation's Learning Management System and includes organisations that are both partners of Wipro Foundation and non-partners working in the same domain. The objectives of this forum are to:

  1. serve as a collegial space for peer-learning among participating organisations  
  2. document, develop, and share resources among each other and among the larger community interested in the domain  
  3. develop capacity of the participating organisations and team-members for furthering work in the domain.  

Membership is open to all organisations working in the domain. Please email us at:

We would also like to reach to other such forums all across for collaboration and sharing of all work related to the domain and will be doing this over time actively through the various sub-pages of this forum.

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