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Personal Mastery for Development Leadership (PMDL)

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

Social sector practitioners, like yourself, work with problems of great complexity and magnitude. As you work in these challenging environments towards creating meaningful impact, you may experience frustration, disappointment, stress, and burnout at various times. PMDL introduces you to perspectives, skills, and practices that empower you to respond to your circumstances with agency and potentially transform your life!

You can expect to take away perspectives, practices, and skills that will enable you to:
- Feel greater joy, satisfaction, and optimism
- Recover more quickly from setbacks
- Cultivate healthier and more satisfying relationships
- Work effectively within and across teams
- Be more productive at work

For a video presentation on the course, click here.


A basic familiarity with spoken English will be required to effectively engage with the course content.

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