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Workshop on Worksheets

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About This Course

The Workshop will focus on: What is a worksheet and how worksheets differ from other sheets. The different types of worksheets that can be created and why to create them at all. What curricula and subjects are benefitted by the use of worksheets. For example: language learning, some Maths, and theme-based curriculums such as EVS, etc. Actual worksheet content brainstorming and actual making of worksheets in groups! Some design ideas will also be discussed briefly. Participants will come away with a new grasp of what makes a good worksheet and will be inspired to try making on their own!


1. Ability to understand English and make oneself understood, especially in writing as use of lucid language is a must for making worksheets. Some worksheets can be developed in Hindi but those in mother language cannot be corrected by facilitators, except Bengali. 2. Individuals who have the knack for creating worksheets or writing are preferred. They will in turn teach the others in their organization 3. Limit of 2 participants per organization

Course Staff

Sudeshna Sinha

Sudeshna Sinha

By profession Sudeshna Sinha is a special educator, and has been largely involved in establishing experimental elementary schools (Aashirvad Vidyalaya at St. Joseph’s School and Shikshamitra in Kolkata). Her expertise is in developing curriculum, appropriate pedagogy, materials, books and assessment tools. Currently she heads Shikshamitra, an education resource and teacher training centre. Sudeshna is dedicated to teacher training at the elementary level and she excels at motivating, supporting and creating inspired, caring teachers. Sudeshna is also involved in writing and preparing books and documents for teachers and children in lucid language She has designed methods and materials for effective teaching, especially in languages.

Biswajit Chitrakar

Biswajit Chitrakar

Beginning his career as a youth leader in CINI Asha (Kolkata), Biswajit Chitrakar transformed into a devoted teacher at Shikshamitra. He specializes in Maths for primary level up to Class 6. Presently, Biswajit serves as Chief Coordinator of Shikshamitra, conducting the maths trainings for teachers of government and private schools, and NGO-run centres. He is an integral part of all trainings and materials that are created and offered by Shikshamitra.

Maura Hurley

Maura Hurley

Maura Hurley is an Art educator who has succesfully run a community library out of her home for over 20 years. She incorporates story books, environment, sustainability, and experiential learning in all of her sessions. Maura is one of the main coordinators of Shikshamitra library and helps develop and conduct Shikshamitra’s Libraries as Open Learning Spaces workshops. She is currently also the in-house art & design person at Shikshamitra.

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