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Libraries: Chapter I [2021]


About This Course

Libraries: Chapter I is an introductory course to libraries, and their place and importance in the community. Here, we will unpack and relocate the library in our thinking and imagination. Moving from the intangible to the practical, the course will introduce the core elements of the library and a basic understanding of what is needed to begin library work.

Libraries: Chapter I consists of four modules, the first of which enables understanding and maximizes learning in the other three. Each module comprises self-reflection activity, reading, quizzes, videos and sharing of learning through self-tests, writing, and discussion fora.


Libraries: Chapter I aims to provide an accessible, inclusive and supportive space to learning. The primary goal is to learn more about how libraries can be enabling spaces. This course is conducted online in the English language. It can be completed at your own pace. It is free and open to all, around the world. There are no prior educational requirements, only an interest in libraries and library practice. Welcome!

Course Staff

Bookworm Trust

Bookworm Trust

Bookworm is a non-profit organization based in Goa with the vision to inspire and develop a love for reading as a way of life, nurturing humane engagement in every girl, boy, and others. Bookworm began in 2005 with the thought of creating a rich accessible collection of children’s books.

Sujata Noronha

Sujata Noronha

Sujata is an educator who learnt about organising, managing, ideating, creating and enabling libraries through her own experiences and shared reading, writing and deep engagement with children. Sujata is the founder of Bookworm Trust.

Anandita Rao

Anandita Rao

Anandita is a library educator whose introduction to the library and its possibilities has been through engagement with different kinds of library programs at Bookworm. Anandita is the library in-charge at Bookworm Trust.

Nayan Mehrotra

Nayan Mehrotra

Nayan is a library educator whose exposure to libraries made her realize the importance of libraries and possibilities they offer. Nayan is a consultant for Bookworm Trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

I do not have any educational qualifications related to library work. Can I still participate in this course?

Yes! The course is designed to introduce libraries to those newly interested in library work.

Are there any course fees?

No, Bookworm (supported by Wipro Foundation) does not charge course and enrollment fees. This course is intended to be accessible by all.

How long is this course?

The total duration of the course is about 18-20 hours, which you can participate in at a pace and across a time period that is comfortable for you.

Does the course require me to procure any material?

No, all readings are provided within the course.

Can I interact with the course faculty?

Yes, course faculty can be emailed at

Can I interact with other course participants?

Yes, the discussion forums enable participants to interact with each other.

Is this a certified course?

Yes, a certificate will be issued on successful completion of the course.