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EdSparks Collective 2021-22

ArtSparks Foundation
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Program

EdSparks Collective is a one-of-a-kind, 12-session professional development program for all those interested in exploring the full potential of the visual arts to transform student learning.

Each interactive, hands on workshop session is carefully designed to gradually build participants understanding of, and capacity to design and implement, enriching educational interventions that utilize the visual arts to foster 21st century learning and life skills in children.

EdSparks cohort members become part of a larger community of practice, and are provided with on-going support throughout the year, post the EdSparks Collective program. Support is offered to help participants design and implement robust art interventions in their respective organizations.

Program Modules

  • Introduction to Art Education & Robust Art Teaching Methodology
  • Child Development in the Arts
  • Exploring Materials & Themes in Collage, Paint, Puppet-Making, Sculpture, etc.
  • Language & Literacy Development through the Arts
  • Assessment in the Arts
  • Arts Integration
  • Designing Curriculum in the Arts
  • Inclusive Pedagogy in the Arts

Program Schedule

Given the current pandemic, until conditions improve, EdSparks Collective 2021-22 may be conducted online. If conditions dramatically improve, and we can ensure the safety of participants, EdSparks will be conducted in-person in Bangalore.

  • 1st Phase: Six hands-on sessions (Oct. 4 to 9, 2021)
  • 2nd Phase: Action Learning Project (Mini project to be conducted at participants’ respective organizations between Nov. to Dec., 2021)
  • 3rd Phase: Six hands-on sessions (Jan. 3 to 8, 2022)

Medium of Instruction



  • The program is open to NGO founders, nonprofit administrators, curriculum and/or instruction specialists, educators, teacher developers etc. involved with children.
  • The participants should have access to at least a group of 5 children to conduct the Action Learning Project (ALP)
  • Full attendance is mandatory for all the 12 sessions.

About Us

ArtSparks Foundation is an educational nonprofit that works to support the development of 21st century learning and life skills in children through the medium of visual art & design. ArtSparks also supports the professional development of teachers and educators, encouraging them to reflect on their teaching practice, and explore new ways to enrich their students learning.


Course Staff Image #1

Facilitator #1

Nisha Nair has been involved in the education sector for over 15 years in varied settings in the US and India. As an art educator, she is deeply interested in how meaningful art experiences can propel individual and social transformation. And in how teachers can promote such experiences for diverse learners. This dual interest is what led her to start ArtSparks Foundation.

Course Staff Image #2

Facilitator #2

Anu Parthasarathy is an art educator committed to advocating for the arts, and building wider and deeper awareness about how the visual arts can develop 21st century learning and life skills in children from diverse backgrounds. Her commitment to advocacy and the arts leads her to her work in professionally developing adults (teachers, educators, nonprofit administrators) in the domain of art education.

Course Staff Image #3

Facilitator #3

Roshni Ramesh is the Manager for Professional Learning Programs at ArtSparks Foundation, and oversees the EdSparks Collective Program. She is involved in planning, strategizing and implementing ArtSparks’ various professional development programs including sessions, workshops, webinars and other events.


“I had already been looking for an inclusive art-based intervention when I came to the EdSparks workshop. I imagined it would be possible to create an environment in which every child would learn and thrive, irrespective of their skill level. When I came to the workshop, I had a feeling that this is what I had been looking for. This belief was strengthened even more as we came to the first phase. I was quite excited to see the outcomes of the ALP, even though I wasn’t quite sure what it’d be like. Every child during the ALP was working on a collage project, but I see could every one of them blossom differently and at the same time the group evolved as a whole.” —Ruchi, Founder, Let's Open a Book

“The sessions were truly insightful for us. We had a lot of discussion after every session reflecting on our past and current teaching practices. After attending the EdSparks Collective and experiencing it by ourselves through ALP, now we know how important the process is rather the product. Through the process of doing, we can unfold various skills in the child and provide a lot of meaningful learning opportunities.”
—Rohit & Ankush, Co-founders, LECIN

Frequently Asked Questions

I do not have any prior expereince in art or art education. Can I still participate in the program?

Yes, of course! This program is open to anyone who is interested to explore the potential of visual arts in learning. No prior knowledge or expereince in art and art education is required to participate in the program.

Does the program require me to procure any materials?

No, all art materials are provided once your particpation is confrimed.

Is this a certified professional development program?

Yes, a certificate will be issued on successful completeion of the program.

Will I be extended support after the program to design interventions/curriculum at my organization?

Yes, all the EdSparks cohort members will be part of the larger communities of practice, and are provided with on-going support throughout the year, through various Communities of Practice sessions.

For any other queries, please write to us here